Security Wednesdays #8 - "Reflections on Trusting Trust" - NUS Greyhats

Security Wednesdays #8 - "Reflections on Trusting Trust" - NUS Greyhats

Speaker: Yeo Kheng Meng

"Reflections on Trusting Trust" was a 1984 Turing award lecture originally given by Ken Thompson, one of the creators of Unix. The lecture talks about the dangers of putting our faith in compilers which programmers are too quick to trust and take for granted.

Kheng Meng will give this talk once more this time infused with live C-programming proof-of-concept demos to the audience to better illustrate this attack. A threat detection technique and its pitfalls will also be touched on to detect the presence of such an attack vector.

Speaker's Biography:
Kheng Meng graduated from NUS Computer Science in 2015. He was also the developer of both the Android and iOS versions of the NUS SoC Print apps. He is currently working in Algo Access, a local med-tech startup as both a software and hardware engineer in iOS development and electronics design.

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