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  1. So Google Analytics
    provides a dashboard where
  2. you can see information about
    how people are using your app.
  3. So here in the overview page,
    we see how many users.
  4. How many new users we've
    had in the past month.
  5. 400 not too bad.
  6. Active users, 1,200, so that's
    the new users and the previous users.
  7. We can see where in the world
    people are using our app, and
  8. we can see what devices
    they're using to use the app.
  9. So we can drill down a little bit
    more into some of these details.
  10. So, for example, where in the world.
  11. We can, like, really drill down,
    we can see how many people, oh,
  12. we have 770 in New Zealand right now.
  13. Oh, one in Madagascar, and then we
    can get the actual data for it too.
  14. So, we get the numbers.
  15. And this app that we're using here
    was developed by my friend, Ian,
  16. Ian Lake, and you've probably seen him
    in the Android fundamentals two course.
  17. We can look into the language
    that people are using.
  18. In this case it's predominantly English,
  19. we do have Portuguese,
    we do have some French users.
  20. So we can drill down more into
    the devices that people are using.
  21. So here we see all
    the different devices.
  22. And we can see the percentage of
    the popularity of the devices.
  23. So, the Galaxy S5 was the most
    popular recognized device.
  24. Some of the unrecognized
    devices include the emulator,
  25. as well as devices that
    Analytics didn't recognize.
  26. You can see the top network operators.
  27. We can even see the screen
    resolutions that people used.
  28. The branding.
  29. One of the really cool things I can
    show you is the real time data.
  30. You can actually see how many people
    are using your app right now.
  31. And actually I have to be honest.
  32. It's not really right now.
  33. It's close to right now.
  34. So it's close to real time.
  35. You can see the top locations
    where people are using the app.
  36. So somebody down here in Melbourne
    is actually using the app right now.
  37. We have people in Peru using it.
  38. We have people in
    the Philippines using it.
  39. We can see what they're
    looking at right now.
  40. And of course, you know, one of the main
    things you do want to know about your
  41. app is, what parts of
    the app are the users using.
  42. You get that through the screens.
  43. So this is not the real time data,
    this is overall in the last month.
  44. We can see all the screens,
    which screens the users went to, and
  45. a screen is equivalent to an activity.
  46. We see obviously, that the main
    screen is where people went the most.
  47. And then you can see, you know,
    where else they went in the app.
  48. You can also follow through the flow of
    how people navigated through the app.
  49. So, you can see where they started,
    where they went to next, and so on.
  50. So, I hope I've convinced you that
    Analytics can give you all kinds of
  51. awesome information about how and
    where you're apps being used.
  52. And now, I'm going to talk you through
    how you can update your apps, so
  53. that you can get all this
    awesome kind of information
  54. about how your app is being used.