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The Best Colon Cleanse Recipe For Your Colon Detox Diet


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While it might not be a very glamorous part of the body, a healthy colon is fundamental for the whole body’s health.

Being a very important passageway in the excretory system, the colon’s health state is greatly affected by what we consume.

Surely, this fact suggests that we should be mindful of our diet and should cleanse our colon regularly (but not too often).

In this article, we will be sharing - an ideal diet that will always ensure the good health of our colon; along with the best colon cleanse recipe.

Best Diet For Your Colon Cleanse

If you experience bloating, chronic constipation, or just feel "heavy" in the gut as you go about your everyday life, then your colon might be needing a cleanse.

Some healthcare specialists suggest that the root of many diseases delineates from the colon.

As if to stress their point, it turns out that - the colon is the 3rd most common cancer site and colon cancer is ranked second on top “cancer leading deaths” in Canada.

The colon – or as it’s popularly known, the large intestine – is our fueling station just as it is our waste management system.

Also depending on the health state of the colon, toxins can take two different directions.

While a clean and healthy colon will painlessly eliminate toxins, a clogged and unhealthy colon will push the toxins back up into our bloodstream and liver; polluting the whole system thereafter.

Maintaining the right kind of diet can keep your colon free of debris. The question probably on your mind now is – “What kind of diet will keep my colon clean and generally maintain a good health?”

The buzz these days is, plant diets are best for reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and the likes.

Obviously, this type of diet also proposes a lot of benefits for the colon:


Most plant-based diets hold massive amounts of fruits, vegetables, beans, fruits; nuts, seeds and whole grains have a lot of fibre, which is the most important, non-digestible food component.

A diet overflowing with fibre promotes a healthy digestive tract by clearing debris completely from the colon.

Fibre increases the intestinal tract’s activity by keeping the peristalsis – the muscular contractions looking wavelike that reduces bowel transit time- stimulated.

Fibre maintains moisture in the colon, softening the stool.

Green Foods

The high amounts of chlorophyll in green foods (like wheatgrass, alfalfa, barley grass, blue-green algae, spirulina) makes them perfect for cleansing the colon naturally

Apart from cleaning the colon, chlorophyll also heals and soothes damaged tissue around the digestive tract.

This aids the body in obtaining even more oxygen and drawing out toxins. No wonder some people call chlorophyll “the internal deodorant”.

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