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  1. The best answer is to run scatterplots,
  2. and the reason is I taught you that you should always look at the data first
  3. before doing anything with the data.
  4. So, here is the scatterplot for those data points.
  5. It's really interesting. If I look at this, it looks like almost all the guesses are the same.
  6. That's the case until I realize that my vertical axis goes from 1e22
  7. all the way down to -1e22.
  8. Obviously there are outliers in that data.
  9. This plot makes it completely obvious to me that this isn't good data.
  10. Let's take this plot away, and let's look at the data.
  11. As before, we notice that there are these extreme cases
  12. where we have 1E+22--the same over here.
  13. I have to ask myself how to remove outliers.