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  1. Now that you've seen the computation with specific values, let's do it in
  2. general. So what did we do? We started with the width of the floor, subtracted
  3. the size of the first white tile. Divide it by the sizes of the pairs, took the
  4. integer part. And that gave us the number of pairs. Now that's of course the
  5. same as the number of red tiles, because every pair has one red tile. And, the
  6. white tile says one more. All right, now, we're ready to program, and what I'd
  7. like you to do is to complete the program that we started for you. The program
  8. will read as inputs, the width of the floor and the tile sizes. And your job
  9. will be to run the computation that I've just developed, and to print the
  10. answer. Here's the program for you to fill in. You already give the commands
  11. for the input and for the output and your job was to put in the part of the
  12. program that asked computation. Now we did this by hand, and let me show you
  13. again the formula that we obtain. That's the formula here. So we take the width
  14. minus the tile size divided by twice the tile size, take the integer part.