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  1. I would argue it's roughly 4 in my very deficient drawing here,
  2. because it separates the blue circles and the red x's.
  3. And again, when I ask the question, is y smaller than 4,
  4. there are 2 outcomes, yes and no.
  5. For the yes branch, which one do you pick, the red x or the blue circle?
  6. And you picked wisely, it's actually the red x.
  7. And that means for the no outcome, where the value is larger or
  8. equal to 4, we get blue circles.
  9. So this thing here is the decision tree or
  10. one of the main decision trees that characterize this data.
  11. The algorithm decision tree learning,
  12. is to use a computer algorithm to find the decision boundaries
  13. automatically based on data, and Katie's going to tell you all about that