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08-08 Page_Load_Scatter_Plot

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  1. Well, it seems there's definitely a relationship between these.
  2. the massive point seems to move as page load time increases. I'd say--yes, they are related.
  3. They don't really appear to be linear though.
  4. If I draw a line to try and fit this,
  5. I can do okay for one piece of this but then this piece over here
  6. doesn't appear anywhere near that line, or I could possibly draw a line like this
  7. that's consistent of a lot of range of points, but this appears to be pretty far away.
  8. Definitely not linear and not exact either. You can, say, pick this value.
  9. We have a whole bunch of different click-through rates for the same page load time.
  10. Now, is the relationship positive or negative?
  11. Well, we started off with a higher click-through rate over here.
  12. It seems the only going downward as page load time increases, so we have a negative relationship.
  13. When in fact, the relationship probably looks something like this.