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  1. >> So now we're going to look at a persona that
  2. we can use for our pizza app, and we're going
  3. to call her Dorm Room Debbie. So this is going
  4. to be an, a good example so you can learn how
  5. to use personas in the apps that you design in
  6. the future. So let's look at Dorm Room Debbie's attributes. She's
  7. a college student. She doesn't have a lot of money.
  8. She lives in a dorm. And Debbie doesn't have a car.
  9. >> This looks like a really good persona. Because it seems to be representative
  10. of college students. Most of them don't have a lot of money, and probably
  11. don't have cars, and live in dorms, so.
  12. >> Yep. Exactly. It looks like a very accurate
  13. attribute for that type of user. And it's really important
  14. to mention that you shouldn't denature attributes. And what
  15. that means is try and put in an incompatible attribute,
  16. within Debbie's list. So, if we put something in
  17. there that really wouldn't make sense with the rest of
  18. them it makes the persona really imprecise and it doesn't
  19. make a good product. Let's take a look at three
  20. additional attributes and see which one doesn't fit with the rest.