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  1. Now that we've learned from users, we're going to iterate our designs, and
  2. then we'll commit to them. And we're going to wrap them up in
  3. a presentation. Before we do that, let's go check in with the
  4. students at Udacity office, and hear what they've learned from this project.
  5. >> I wanted to feel good when I use this
  6. up. So say someone came on or within your range. But
  7. what if you see a flower or a fun picture that
  8. you like. Hmm; Hmmm. It adds a click, but it makes
  9. me feel good and I'm happy to compensate for a click,
  10. as far as it makes me feel good. So you click
  11. on that and then it shows you the map and shows
  12. you the person that you're most likely to barter with or
  13. exchange or transact with, and gives a little profile of who
  14. they are and What they're wanting to offer. Once you dig
  15. deeper there's a screen that tells you how many hours you
  16. have. So these were just supposed to be coins that you
  17. have 16 hours right now and for this transaction you need three
  18. hours. There's a little button that can help you transact, and once you
  19. have transacted makes you feel better by showing you an ice cream
  20. cone or a heart sign, or some image that makes you feel nice.
  21. >> I like the fact that you're putting a focus on that one person.
  22. So if that's like a mutual thing, like if you got shown Clifton's profile, and
  23. then Clifton gets showed Kanall's profile, you
  24. establish that mutual connection. It's much more kind
  25. of deep and meaningful than just seeing like
  26. a list right? And you pick from list.
  27. >> Yeah because it seemed to me as if the, the soul of the business.
  28. >> Mm-hm.
  29. >> Was about exchanging hours and not
  30. money. And that was, it was already fun.
  31. >> I like the flower idea, I would've taken that from you,
  32. if you don't already have it on camera, the thought of it.
  33. >> You should take it.
  34. >> It's okay.