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  1. Let's look at our coverage for the cross-coverage of address and packet length.
  2. You're getting a grade right now of about 0.38 in my randomization. One of the
  3. reasons that we a relatively low score is that we include address three. And as
  4. we're not sending any traffic there, we'll never get a score. So the job is
  5. here, to get rid of address three in terms of coverage. So let's have a look at
  6. the guidance here. So your job is, again, ignoring address three. The syntax is
  7. straightforward. You're basically adding a condition to the particular coverage
  8. item, right? So item, and it's called using also. And then you define a Boolean
  9. expression that basically ignores this particular thing. You're adding this
  10. right here, right, so this kind of code, you adjust it for address and add the
  11. condition right here.