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  1. So we talked a lot about domain and range in this lesson so far, but I want to
  2. give you a slightly different perspective on how to visualize them, and how to
  3. think about values of the domain through the relation of a function mapping to
  4. values in the range. So lets say we have some function f and for three to our
  5. values a, b and c, constants not exactly sure what they are, we get outputs of
  6. one, four, and five. We know that if we graph this, we would pair the
  7. coordinates a and 1, b and 4, and c and 5. And what the function is really doing
  8. is taking this input value, playing with it somehow, and spitting out this
  9. output. So you could visualize this by writing out values of the domain over
  10. here, and then showing that via the function, they get paired with these values
  11. in the range. Let's say actually that for this particular function f, a, b and c
  12. are the only values in the domain. So if the entire domain of this function is
  13. just the set a, b, c, what values are in the range? Please separate any values
  14. that are in the range by commas.