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  1. Okay, welcome back. Let's finish coding this off.
  2. In our original description of delta debugging,
  3. we have to increase the granularity at this point.
  4. That is, n becomes 2n but must not become longer
  5. than the current input we're working on.
  6. Our working input here is s and must not become bigger than the length of s.
  7. However, if this works we simply double it.
  8. If we have reached the total length of s,
  9. and then we return the simplified input.
  10. Here again we have the HTML input for which the binary search simplification
  11. didn't simplify enough.
  12. Let's see how delta debugging fares instead.
  13. We click on Run.
  14. You see the output now is simply ,
  15. showing that delta debugging has managed to really minimized everything away in here.