17th Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshop June 16 2015. Subtitles.

17th Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshop June 16 2015. Subtitles.


* How to structure the teaching for children?
* One Planet, One Nation.
* Structure of Peace.
* It's not to teach A-B-C , it's to carry the message across.
* How would we teach our children in Space?
* Everything is not plasma, we need to teach everything.
* What methods does Mr Keshe recommend, to actualize the reactor,
innate in our body?
* We don't teach them peace. We pray for their souls, that they understand the benefit of peace.
* Teaching the ethos to children.
* What are we going to teach in Space to our children, when we bring the structure of peace?
* How, actually, the Sun was created and how the planet's were positioned in the way we are now in the Universe?
* Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
* Do we need anything other than our Thalamus and Hypothalamus to travel through space?
* Are there risks that the human race can be affected negatively from
the Plasma technology?
* What is "backwardness".
* Why you have illness'es?
* "Sacrifice", there is no sacrifice.

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