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  1. This app was built using the animate
    camera method that you saw in
  2. the previous video.
  3. Note that it has three buttons,
  4. just like in a previous
    application that you built, and
  5. each of these buttons animates map
    movement to a different location.
  6. So, for example, I'm now looking
    at a map of the United States, but
  7. if I tap on Seattle you see
    the camera is going to animate.
  8. As I zoom into Seattle,
    taking a few seconds to do so.
  9. It's a really cool effect.
  10. So once I'm in on Seattle, there you
    can see some of Seattle, including,
  11. you can even see here an indoor map of
    the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.
  12. I can for example then touch on Tokyo.
  13. And you'll see I'll fly up and
    out into orbit, and
  14. then back down over the Pacific
    until I land on Tokyo, like so.
  15. And again,
    you can see I'm now in downtown Tokyo.
  16. And if I so desire,
    I can also go to Dublin.
  17. Now here there's a case of I haven't
    pre-cached some of these tiles, so
  18. you're just seeing blank
    as it's flying over.
  19. And it'll soon land on Dublin.
  20. So if I zoom out of Dublin, you can
    see those tiles are getting cached.
  21. So none of these tiles were
    pre-cached for testing the video,
  22. and that's why we couldn't see
    when we flew from Tokyo to Dublin.
  23. If I just zoom out and
    effectively cache the tiles,
  24. I'm not doing anything
    myself to cache them.
  25. This is just how
    the application is running.
  26. And so the map fragment itself
    will cache the tiles for you.
  27. So here you can see Japan, and
    if I go back somewhere over Ireland and
  28. now I tap on Tokyo, you'll see
    that the orbit will change, and
  29. I'll drop down onto Tokyo.
  30. And now if I try to go to Dublin,
    you'll see I fly out of Japan,
  31. up over the surface of the Earth,
    over Asia, over China,
  32. back over western Europe before
    dropping down and onto Dublin.
  33. So you know have everything you need
    to build this application yourself.
  34. You've all the tools.
  35. Why don't you give it a shot?
  36. If you have any trouble, the source
    code is linked to the speaker nodes.