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  1. Points and vectors don't require any numbers to be associated with them. For
  2. example, I can say, define a vector from the Andromeda galaxy to Chicago. That
  3. vector now exists, but doesn't have any coordinates until I define a frame of
  4. reference of some sort. I could ask, what are the vectors coordinates in terms
  5. of the Earth's latitude, longitude, and altitude? That gives one set of
  6. coordinates, the one that changes every second as the Earth rotates. Or I could
  7. ask, what are the coordinates in terms of the Sun's location and the Earth's
  8. path, and get coordinates that change more slowly. Whenever we assign a point or
  9. a vector a coordinate value, it's always with respect to some frame of reference
  10. we've defined. In 3D computer graphics, we usually talk about the location and
  11. movement of objects, lights and cameras, in terms of world space. This frame of
  12. reference is usually right handed. You can define units for it if you like, such
  13. as 1 unit equals 1 meter. Or it can be unitless, if there's no need for them.