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  1. Let's see, these are those extra default things you were talking about?
  2. >> Those are the extra tabs for us to be able to, you know, load some
  3. files, run, make some reports on festivals if
  4. we want to. but, what about in the upper-right
  5. hand corner, you can see that we are in our festival application. If we were to
  6. toggle between any of the other apps, it
  7. would change the different tabs that we see because.
  8. >> What are these other apps. Those are just the standard ones
  9. that come out of the box with your developer edition of the account.
  10. >> So are we going to use those or?
  11. >> We aren't going to use
  12. them no, probably not.
  13. [LAUGH].
  14. But you can see how you can track different types of data
  15. relevant to that app. So in sales, it's accounts, contacts, that kind of stuff.
  16. >> Okay, sorry. Festival App, right, stay focused.
  17. >> Let's create a new festival Okay, have O, right? Should, the new button?
  18. >> Yeah.
  19. >> Good. There's a lot of buttons. Sorry. festival name. What
  20. do you think? Any good idea for a fake festival name?
  21. >> Cloudstock.
  22. >> Cloudstock? That's a good one. Okay, it's like Woodstock in
  23. the clouds.
  24. [LAUGH].
  25. Save.
  26. >> So, that's pretty awesome. You know, it's, it's
  27. storing information about Cloudstock already, has some other fields
  28. that we didn't even create ourselves, like who was
  29. it created by, and who was it last modified by?
  30. >> I don't see, sorry, created by? Oh
  31. yeah, over here. Owner, last modified by, gotcha.