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  1. It turns out that it would only take 15 minutes. Nice algebra skills if you got
  2. that one correct. We know in the first case, we're driving for 20 minutes at 45
  3. miles per hour. So 20 minutes would be time 1, and 45 miles per hour would be
  4. rate 1. We're looking for how long it takes for the car to travel the same
  5. distance. So this must be x, our time 2. And for the second rate, we're
  6. traveling at 60 miles per hour, so we fill in this with 60. Then, we cross
  7. multiply to get 900 equals 60x. We divide both sides by 60 to get x is equal to
  8. 15, or 15 minutes. The key for these inverse variation problems is that one
  9. quantity will be in the numerator while the other will be in the denominator. We
  10. usually flip the second fraction to make that happen.