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  1. In this lesson we've learned just a teeny bit
  2. more about ways we can trace through our maternal
  3. or paternal lines. So in the case of mitochondrial
  4. DNA we only inherit that from our mothers. So
  5. you can trace your maternal line back through the
  6. mitochondrial DNA. The mitochondria have been passed down from
  7. generation to generation. From great-great-great grandmother to great-great to
  8. great to grandmother to mother to you. Now the
  9. same thing is true for the Y chromosome for males.
  10. Every male is genetically XY and he had to have
  11. gotten that Y chromosome from his father, who got it
  12. from his father who got it from his father, who
  13. got it from his father, and so this Y chromosome
  14. has just been passed down. From generation to generation, through
  15. all of the male line. One of the big distinctions
  16. here, is that Mitochondrial DNA, everybody has. But the Y
  17. chromosome, only males have. We're going to revisit these
  18. concepts a little bit later, in lesson seven.
  19. When we actually try to trace an individual's
  20. lineage, on both his mother's and father's side.