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  1. Congratulations, if
    you've made it this far.
  2. You've learned so
    much about mapping, satellite views,
  3. drawing on a map, markers, custom pins,
    Street View, and a whole lot more.
  4. It's been a lot of material covering
    a lot of territory, pun fully intended.
  5. And, I hope you've been inspired to
    think about how you could make your app
  6. better by using Rich Mapping.
  7. Or indeed, maybe you have an idea for an
    app that could be built around Mapping.
  8. Think about what you can do, if you
    combine it with Location Services and
  9. other Google APIs.
  10. With that, I'll sign off in the hope
    that you've really enjoyed this course.
  11. I look forward to seeing
    what you can do with Maps
  12. in your future Android applications.