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  1. A agitated press secretary
    greets us in the George V lobby.
  2. "Hurry up, he's coming!"
  3. We go onto the palace patio,
    closed off for the occasion.
  4. The bellboys busy about,
    clearing the tables.
  5. The man himself approaches, shakes
    my hand, doesn't look at me.
  6. I'm invisible.
  7. He asks his entourage
    where he should stand.
  8. I need to take charge!
  9. I point firmly to
    a spot on the floor.
  10. He complies. At last, I've got him.
  11. Squeezed between two tripods,
  12. Bill Gates,
    the richest man in the world,
  13. Bill Gates, who, like Steve Jobs,
    revolutionised our digital world,
  14. Bill Gates is surrounded!
  15. Silently, I start to take
    photos of him.
  16. His eyes pierce me,
    a smile on his lips,
  17. that same smile that I'd seen
    3500 times, on 3500 different photos
  18. of him.
  19. I attempt to wipe that
    annoying smile off his face.
  20. I start directing him:
  21. "Look right, left,
    right again, arms down,
  22. "arms crossed, uncrossed,
    look over here, please."
  23. I direct, whilst snapping.
  24. But it's no use.
    That smile is still there.
  25. with perhaps, I notice,
    a slight difference.
  26. Mouth open, or mouth closed.
  27. I persevere, trying to perturb, and
    bombard him with requests. In vain.
  28. He just grins at me with that fixed,
    and now slightly impatient, smile.
  29. After 4 minutes and 32 seconds of
    gruelling unrest, I give in.
  30. Admitting defeat,
    I go over and shake his hand,
  31. He escapes with his bodyguards.
    A silence falls.
  32. I remain, exhausted,
    on the terrace garden.
  33. Recently, with all the famous
    people I'd photographed,
  34. I'd always felt that,
    systematically, during the shooting,
  35. furtively, for just a moment,
  36. I'd managed to scratch the surface.
  37. But with Bill Gates, never.