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  1. So if we think about our nuclear
  2. chromosomes, and our mitochondrial chromosomes, that includes everything
  3. that you see here in this picture. All of this is the total cellular genome, for
  4. the total human genome. Now when I say the total human genome in this case, I'm
  5. not referring to any individual human in particular.
  6. I'm just referencing The constituent parts, or chromosomes,
  7. that all play a role in making a
  8. human. For example, we know that chromosome one, two,
  9. three, four, five, six, seven, alright, all the way
  10. down to the chromosome 22 and the sex chromosomes
  11. and the mitochondrial chromosome is important in making a
  12. human. Now for just a moment, don't count extra
  13. copies of chromosomes. I want you to tell me
  14. how many unique chromosomes are there in the total
  15. cellular genome. Remember, I don't want you to count extra copies of
  16. chromosomes. I want you to tell me how many unique chromosomes are there? It can
  17. be a little tricky, so think about it before you answer. And I
  18. want you to put your answer in number form in this text box here.