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  1. What more do we know about K?
  2. Here's our Lorenz machine, and we have the K wheels.
  3. That's what produces K, and each of these wheels might be a different size.
  4. The first one has 41 positions that are all set to either 0s or 1s.
  5. The second one has 31.
  6. If we're looking at ΔZ for two channels--remember what we were producing here,
  7. looking at the XOR of ΔZ from channel 0 XORed with ΔZ from channel 1.
  8. Let's focus just on these two channels--the outputs.
  9. The question is how many different configurations are there
  10. for the first two K wheels, the ones for channel 0 and channel 1.
  11. The numbers here are the size of those wheels.