BRONIES - The Movie

BRONIES - The Movie

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"Bronies" is a scripted, comedic short film about one brony's journey to "come out". Shane Foster has always been ashamed of his "bronyism" but when his uptight girlfriend catches him in the act (of watching a pony video) his deep, dark secret is out. With only his best friend to back him up, Shane now has to deal with the reactions of his co-workers, his boss and even his parents.

Shane Foster: Dayleigh Nelson
A.J.: Christopher Jordan Lee
Reilly: Kayla Heselwood
Mrs. Foster: Susan Burzynski
Mr. Foster: Jeff Dearing
Mr. Priscell: Mark Pilley

Director: Antonia Arias Padilla
Writer: Ryan Pears
Producer: Derek Green
DOP: Shawn Yeo
Editor: Adam Kube
Sound Design/Re-recording Mixer: David Green
Composer: Donald Weichel
Colorist: Andrea Dixon
Make FX: Caitlin Groves
Location Sound: Johan Bien
Key Grip: Alex Terhart
Image Design: Byken Vong
Special Thanks: Javier Badillo
Special Thanks: BronyCAN

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