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Do you know Mozilla? This video tells the story of how Mozilla helped shape the web we know today -- and how we're going beyond Firefox to do even more.

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  1. In the beginning the web was simple, connected
  2. open, safe


  3. designed as a force for good
  4. it would become something far greater
  5. a living, breathing ecosystem
  6. in service of humanity
  7. a public resource for innovation
  8. and opportunity.
  9. A place to build your dreams.
  10. But in those early days,
  11. like any ecosystem,
  12. the web needed nurturing.
  13. As it grew, users faced new challenges.
  14. Popups. Viruses.
  15. A lack of choice.
  16. Walled gardens of content.
  17. The web was fraying.
  18. it was slow, complicated, scary.
  19. Users began to ask...
  20. is this it?
  21. or could the web be something better?
  22. A small group of people
  23. coders, designers, idealists
  24. believed it could.
  25. They had an audacious idea.
  26. That a tiny non-profit and a global community
  27. could build something better
  28. and force new ideas and innovation on to the Web.
  29. They called it the Mozilla project.
  30. They began by making a new kind of Web browser.
  31. What we know today as Firefox.
  32. And they made it a non-profit,
  33. so it would always put the people who use the web first.
  34. more than software, it was a platform that
  35. anyone could use to build on their ideas.
  36. The nuisances diminished.
  37. The foundations of the Web we know today
  38. began to appear
  39. Now the Web is a place where you can build almost
  40. anything you can imagine
  41. Mozilla and Firefox
  42. exist to help people everywhere seize this opportunity
  43. and to stand up for users in a world where choice and control
  44. are too often at risk.
  45. But what if Firefox was just the beginning?
  46. What if it was part of something bigger?
  47. From user privacy to Firefox Mobile,
  48. to apps and identity,
  49. we're pushing the boundaries of the web every day.
  50. And we are going beyond software.
  51. We're helping to build a generation of web makers.
  52. we believe the web is a place where anyone
  53. can come to build their dreams.
  54. It's why we make Firefox.
  55. It's why tens of thousands of volunteers help build our products.
  56. It's why hundreds of millions around the world use our software
  57. But most importantly -- it's why we always put you first,
  58. and stand up to those who don't.
  59. millions know us for Mozilla Firefox.
  60. But we are about so much more.
  61. We are a non-profit
  62. fighting to protect the web we all love.
  63. Join us - we need your support.
  64. Make a donation today.