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Google, Oh Google, Where Have You Gone?


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Have you checked to see what words people are using to find your website recently? Well if you haven’t, be prepared for a change. Google recently switched to a new way of sharing search words called secure search. Will it affect how you market, how you rank, and whether or not you will invest in Google AdWords? You bet! This is top of the news on The LinkedIn Lady Show today with my Wednesday co-host Ken Herron.

And of course, there are lots of things to talk about in the Twitter world. Fueled by the pending IPO, the tech world is abuzz with analyzing what comes next, who are the alternative competitors, how can you maximize your Vine videos, and maturing habits of power users.

We will share tips on hos to communicate your story effectively in the digital world and react to a recent blog post on Social Media Trends for 2014 – yes, I know – it’s only October! But the clock is running and it is not too soon to refine your strategy and gear up for next year.