How to use Grounding Techniques | Kati Morton

How to use Grounding Techniques | Kati Morton

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Let’s first start by defining grounding: Grounding is a technique that helps keep someone in the present instead of dissociating, spacing out or shutting down. These techniques can help reorient a person to the here-and-now and in reality. Grounding skills can be helpful in managing overwhelming feelings or intense anxiety. Also, just because I think it’s important to mention. We need to be grounded and present whenever we are doing trauma work. Otherwise, it’s like our brain is on a mini vacation and isn’t given the chance to reprocess anything. Oh and it’s also important that you do all of these while practicing your yoga breathing which helps us to calm our system down, and focus our energy into our breath and how it moves through our body. You should also keep your eyes closed while you do these or at least softly gaze somewhere.1. Clapping our hands so you can feel and track the sensation of that clap as it moves through your fingers, hands, arms, etc.
2. Stomping your feet and feeling that sensation through your toes, feet, legs, back, etc. I know certain areas in our body can be easier to focus on, so picking one that’s not so emotionally charged or even attached to your self injury is best.
3. Rubbing your hands together and feeling the warmth that that builds up.
4. Using a worry stone or silly putty to move around in your hand. Close your eyes, and feel it’s temperature, texture, and/or firmness. You may want to keep these things with you when you are going to therapy or any stressful situation.
5. Use your sense of smell! Essential oils can help with this. You can keep them in a rollerball applicator or have a oil diffuser going in your home or at therapy. Smells like citrus, lavender, jasmine, peppermint, and cinnamon are all known to help us focus, so keeping those scents with you.
6. Next, utilizing our sense of taste. I know this can be harder for those of us who also struggle with eating disorder urges, but that’s why it’s important to find a grounding technique that helps you most.
7. Creating a sensory bowl. You can place various items into it (like sand, marbles, different shapes and sizes of beads, raw pasta shells, fidget toys, coins, you name it. Whatever has a different texture/temperature/etc add it in there, and use it to keep you grounded. My grounding video with Alexa: help transcribe and/or translate this video!

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