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  1. Story of Hakeem
  2. A story of a distinguished guy was born in somewhere in Africa, he completed his school and university with high grades, but no body accepted him, and he suffered from the horrible nopatism and fovarism his country.
  3. I will tell you about Hakeem's story
  4. Hakeem was born in an African country in the end of the last decade in the twentieth century
  5. He had a happy life between, trees, animals, and the amazing nature
  6. Since he was in the kindergarten,
    he showed his talents in his education and his respectful style in treating with others
  7. Hakeem went to the secondary school,
    he was successful as he is used to being
  8. and his life was so happy
  9. and all as sudden, a war starts and all people became fighting each other
  10. and there is nothing
    except the scenes of war and death
  11. and guys who used to be happy and glad, became sad and mad,
    and the happy land has destroyed by airstrikes
  12. Hakeem became disappointed and pained by which happening
  13. but nevertheless he applied for the university once he knew the admission had open
  14. and he was accepted to study engineering in the national university
  15. Hakeem continued his shining at university too,
    and all girls there were admired by him
  16. He graduated after that from the university and he hanged his picture at the wall, and he took a selfie photo as the others did
  17. After that, Hakeem became a job seeker, or looking for a job
  18. He found an advertisment about vacancies at a governmental company
  19. he had thought he will become a rich, and he will buy his house and car and get married
  20. He started immediately studying for this interview and he revised his university lectures and materials that he’d been given
  21. And during the interview the questions were as followed:
  22. Where are you from?
  23. What are the rights of the husband and wife according to the legal marriage?
  24. What is the nearest oasis to your home town?
  25. Hakeem felt strange about these questions and he doubted that he is bound to be refused for this job
  26. And yes he wasn’t accepted
  27. After that he applied for many jobs in many places like:
  28. National Engineering Company, Governmental Engineering Company, The International Global Company for Integrated Project, Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Mining
  29. And he wasn’t accepted for anyone.
  30. Hakeem felt by the conspiracy against him and he is not accepted in his home country.
  31. Hakeem gets mad
  32. And once upon a time Hakeem was recumbent in his bed
  33. he thought in a good idea, it was immigration
  34. YES, immigration out of the country in which he was brought up
  35. Immigration to Europe or America
  36. He’d gone to the UK website to get a visa and he filled the application
  37. BUT unfortunately, he wasn’t accepted, and he dealt with it
  38. He went again and applied for a visa to the United States
  39. And he had been waiting for the result.
    And he was rejected as usual, and he barely dealt with it
  40. He applied again for visas to,
  41. Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, and France
  42. in all these, he was rejected
  43. And then
  44. And finally,
  45. RIP Hakeem
  46. The end
  47. The immigration rate has increased sharply in the last years
  48. The immigration is dur to several reasons
  49. Corruption, civil wars, conflicts, famines, genocides, nopatism
    and many things beyong mention
  50. In the last 5 years, thousands of immigrants dead in the Mediterranean sea
    trying to cross to Europe from Africa and Aisa
  51. This work is dedicated to them
  52. Syrian children and war
  53. A syrian women sinking in the sea trying to cross to Europe
  54. South Sudanese child in front of the panzer
  55. Children die because of famine in Africa
  56. People die everyday trying to cross seas to find a better future
  57. People have a reasonable reasons push them to immigrate
  58. Let me travel