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  1. So you just answer the question of what app
  2. do you want to build for your final project? In
  3. this question, you're going to determine in more detail exactly who
  4. you're building this app for. And in the next question,
  5. you'll actually can start the high level flow for
  6. this use, but let's stay focused here. So the flow
  7. for what you'll do in this question itself. Is first,
  8. you'll find a potential user. This could be a friend,
  9. co-worker, family member. Somebody who you think could
  10. ever feasibly want to use the app you described
  11. here. Then you're actually going to do some very
  12. basic user-experience research. This will essentially be an interview
  13. with this person you know. We'll try and
  14. figure out the attributes about them as they pertain
  15. to the app you want to build. Now doing
  16. this is really hard, user research is not easy.
  17. And we've provided a privy template which includes some suggested
  18. questions and categories of questions to think about. Once you've
  19. done your user research, you'll actually create a persona in
  20. this case, for the person you interviewed. Again, the template's
  21. going to be really helpful for this step. Some really key
  22. points when you're thinking about user research. First, be quiet.
  23. And by that, I mean the other person should be
  24. doing most of the talking. Try not to interrupt and
  25. definitely don't ever tell them they're wrong. Second, is to ask open questions.
  26. And by this, I mean, let's say you were to make a music app
  27. for this person. You shouldn't ask a question like: how much do you enjoy
  28. listening to music in the car? Rather, ask when do you listen to music?