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← How To Stop An Oil And Gas Pipeline: The Unist'ot'en Camp Resistance

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  1. suspenseful music
  2. We're just doing some surveying
    at two creeks here
  3. I was told to give you a card
    If you guys show up
  4. Coastal Gaslink, TransCanada
  5. You know you guys don't have permission
    be here right?
  6. I'm not aware of anything.
    I'm just here as safety.
  7. This is traditional... Unist'ot'en territory
  8. If you would like us to leave,
    we'll leave.
  9. You know TransCanada has already
    been warned right?
  10. Equipment will be confiscated if
    you guys return.
  11. singing
  12. The pipelines are going to go right
    through where the salmon spawn
  13. And that's where we decided to put the
    action camp.
  14. Last year we put a cabin right smack in
    the way of the pipeline so that
  15. they would not go through
    and we just recently
  16. last year we fenced it off because we
    saw ribbons in there for drill pads
  17. for them to do test drills so they could
    drill a pipe right under the river
  18. We've been hearing all the media
    of all these pipes breaking
  19. and waterways getting damaged
  20. and we're just not going to
    accept that risk
  21. cause we don't want to be 25 years
    10 years down the road telling our kids
  22. oh we used to hunt moose here
    and we used to fish.
  23. We've never ceded or surrendered our land
    to anybody here.
  24. There's no treaty.
  25. There's no relationship built with
    any government in the past.
  26. None of our people signed anything
    to let them make decisions on our territory
  27. Heavy trucks rolling by
  28. Tomorrow morning at 3, we may see some
    trucks attempting to get through
  29. to log the right of way. And we're
    going to have to differentiate them.
  30. So we're going to go through all
    the peaceful avenues we can
  31. But the way of the warrior is you go
    through and expend all peaceful
  32. avenues first. And when all those fail,
    it's war.
  33. And that is the way of the warrior.
  34. Drums
  35. Singing
  36. All this food in front of me.
  37. Wooden spoon tapping on a bowl
  38. We're worried we put this cabin right in
    route of the PTP and Enbridge pipeline
  39. The GPS route, that's where this cabin
    sits now and they have now since
  40. moved it upstream about 5 kilometers?
  41. It's a half a kilometer to two kilometers
  42. By way of them actually mending their project
    and changing the location of their crossing
  43. We decided to start building more infrastructure
    in their way again.
  44. So we did a call for people come out and
    assist us in the construction of a pit house
  45. And a pit house went directly in the path
    of the Pacific Trails Pipeline
  46. deliberately because the Pacific Trails was
    farther along than the rest of the pipelines
  47. In their permitting processes.
  48. Chainsaw
  49. This is the blockader's dream!
  50. Those have been doing this for awhile,
  51. Yeah some people build platforms,
    and sleeping dragons.
  52. I built a whole fuckin hah ha ha
  53. I built a blockade!!!
  54. It's not just a blockade.
    It's also a real dwelling.
  55. This is a part of the decolonization
    and returning to the land
  56. and returning to the old ways
    that ... talk about all the time.
  57. But you still have to nail something
    to hold that together right?
  58. laughing
  59. We've been living here for two years
    and we've already been brought up culturally
  60. ... and I are both culturally brought up
    and we are living culturally now
  61. We get all our own meats and gather our
    own berries, and make sure we put away
  62. enough food to last us the whole winter
    and this year I put away 100 fish
  63. So I jarred all that salmon
  64. We've got sweet potato, moose head-cheese
    ribs, deer meat, some goat meat,
  65. a lot of salmon, some groundhog,
  66. Berries that we got last season.
    Huckleberries, a lot of jams
  67. This all is in case they do block us
    because there have been threats
  68. that they will block us from the other end
  69. That's why we're preparing food.
  70. We have food cached all over the territory
  71. Our people have had enough and we're
    not just going to stand here and
  72. take the bullying and take it
    without a fight.
  73. We've had enough of these spoiled brats
    stealing off our lands and
  74. not accepting no for an answer and
    we're gonna be the stern parent and
  75. Say no, you're not coming in.
  76. moose call
  77. Could be TransCanada cause they're the ones
    that didn't submit their route through here yet
  78. But I know Enbridge has wanted to come in here
    Pacific Trails is on this side.
  79. We didn't know where TransCanada wanted to go
    so this probably TransCanada coming back in
  80. They did put steaks in here before and we
    ripped them all out a couple years ago.
  81. About three years ago, we came out and
    tore them all out.
  82. But this whole area between here and
    the truck, that valley, that's where
  83. they want to run all the pipelines through
  84. There's no freakin way we're gonna let any
    of those guys through.
  85. So what if we told you that the federal
    government doesn't have jurisdiction
  86. on our territory?
  87. 50% of your proposed project is on
    Wet'suwet'en territory.
  88. And all the hereditary chiefs have said
    100% no to this project.
  89. We...
  90. We have the final say.
    Not the federal government.
  91. Not the provincial government.
  92. Well uh. We... I... I hear what you're saying
    umm and we're following like I said
  93. the regulatory process that we have
    in front of us and we can talk to you
  94. about some of the conditions that
    include environmental monitoring
  95. and a lot of surveys. umm environmental
    surveys and we can talk to you about that...
  96. And what if we told you we know that's
    bullshit and it doesn't work?
  97. You look at the state of our whole planet
    What it's in and
  98. All our water is being destroyed
    the air is destroyed
  99. all the trees are being destroyed.
  100. You can't continue to bulldoze
    over my people.
  101. Our lands. Our final say.
  102. No pipelines will be coming on our land.
  103. Drumming and singing