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  1. Can you give me a hint about why Microsoft cares about any of this?
  2. Well, Bing Maps is an obvious example.
  3. Bing Maps computes driving directions.
  4. Once you have the algorithms which are that fast,
  5. you do other things like taking real-time traffic into account.
  6. Another application is in local search.
  7. The reason it was an efficient way to find the nearest restaurants
  8. or the nearest Italian restaurant which is open now and accepts American Express
  9. and things of this nature that can be very useful in local search.
  10. The latest stat is that we have potentially more jobs than there are graduates
  11. with these type of skills.
  12. It's become more and more important to kind of mine the social graph
  13. in that we have way more data that we know what to do with,
  14. and we're starting to actually recognize that we have so many networks out there.
  15. Now, we're collecting the data more than every.
  16. Being able to now leverage that data into something
  17. that can add value to a company is becoming more important.