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  1. Everything that we've drawn so far was in black. Now, black is a marvelous
  2. color, but what if you'd like another one, such as one of these? These colors
  3. have predefined names, and when you look here, you can see that every color is
  4. a mixture of a red, green, and blue component. Red has only red, and no green
  5. and blue. Blue has only blue and no red and green. Yellow has red and green,
  6. and no blue. You can make other mixtures, and you'll explore that in the
  7. exercises that are going to be coming up right now, let's just stick with red.
  8. Let's say we have a rectangle that we want to draw in red. You set the color to
  9. the color constant red in this way, and then when you draw it, it shows up in
  10. red. Alternatively, you can call the fill method, and then the interior's also
  11. drawn in red. Now you know everything about the graphics library to make fancy
  12. drawings on your own. Go ahead and do the practice assignments with Sara. And
  13. when you're done, maybe you'll be motivated to recreate Udacity train. Or
  14. create a fancy drawing of your own and share it with us on the discussion
  15. group.