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← My Hope is Not in Myself but in Christ - Paul Washer

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  1. Now let me share something with you
    for Christians who struggle
  2. with sadness and looking
    at yourself
  3. and always really feeling down.
  4. The more you know God,
  5. the more you're going to see
    His holiness.
  6. The more you see His holiness,
  7. the more you're going
    to see your sin,
  8. which leads you to deeper
    depths of conviction,
  9. contrition and mourning.
  10. But if that's all you see,
  11. you're in trouble.
  12. But with that greater
    revelation of God's holiness,
  13. and that greater
    revelation of your sin
  14. also comes a greater revelation
  15. of what God has done
    for you in Christ,
  16. and that unconditional love,
  17. and that grace abounding
    to the chief of sinners.
  18. So although, you're almost
    like a paradox,
  19. the more you walk with Christ,
  20. the deeper is your contrition
    and mourning over sin,
  21. and yet greater your joy,
  22. and there's a transmission
    that goes on.
  23. No longer is your joy
  24. found in your own performance,
  25. but it's found in the
    finished work of Christ.
  26. So, if the devil walks in
  27. and starts pointing out all
    kinds of things about you,
  28. you yawn.
  29. And you go,
  30. you don't even know
    the half of it.
  31. This has never been about me.
  32. Have I ever said this was about me?
  33. This is not about me.
  34. I don't hope in me.
  35. If I hope was in me,
  36. you could kill my hope with
    a dagger right now;
  37. the smallest pin knife
    would take down my hope.
  38. But my hope's not in me.
  39. It's in my older Brother,
  40. and if you don't leave,
  41. I'm going to call Him.
  42. You don't want me to call Him.
  43. Oh, believers, I want
    you to know something.
  44. People sometimes - young men,
    will come and they'll go,
  45. they look at guys who preach
  46. in a lot of places
    around the world,
  47. and all these young guys think,
  48. man, this guy, he reached
    some spiritual level,
  49. and because he reached
    that spiritual level,
  50. God really uses him.
  51. No.
  52. No.
  53. The older you get, the more
    needy you become of grace.
  54. And the more happy you
    are in Christ alone.
  55. The older you get, the
    more of your sin you see.
  56. And you trust not in the flesh,
  57. you glory in Christ Jesus.
  58. And when all your everything
  59. is based upon His perfect work,
  60. as weak as you might be,
  61. you're as solid as a rock.
  62. Because the devil can't touch Him.
  63. The devil can't touch Him.
  64. A young guy one time,
  65. he calls me up,
  66. he was a seminary student.
  67. He was just saying,
  68. Brother Paul, he wrote me,
  69. I'm so ungodly, I'm so unrighteous,
  70. I'm so this and that.
  71. I knew the young man.
  72. He was a fine, sincere Christian.
  73. And he was just so struggling.
  74. He said I'm just so ungodly and ignorant.
  75. And I wrote him back and I said,
  76. "Dear brother, you
    are much more ungodly
  77. and much more ignorant
    than you now know.
  78. Love, your brother, Paul."
  79. I have the gift of
    mercy and encouragement.
  80. And so he calls me up on the phone,
  81. and he goes,
  82. "Thanks?"
  83. And I said, look, I've watched your life.
  84. In many ways
  85. you seem to have
    made greater progress
  86. than I have.
  87. But I'm happier than you.
  88. And he said why?
  89. I've given up on trying to find hope
  90. in my performance.
  91. And all, everything for me, is in
  92. the unconditional love of my Savior.
  93. If you know anything about the ministry
  94. that the Lord's given me.
  95. If you've heard anything,
  96. you go, man, that
    man just talks about sin,
  97. he nails people, he's
    the meanest preacher
  98. that ever walked the planet.
  99. Let me tell you something.
  100. When it comes to unbelievers who
  101. are professing faith in Christ
  102. and they are
    asleep in their sin
  103. and they are going
    to die and go to hell,
  104. yes, I am going to rip, rip, rip,
  105. because it doesn't appear to me
  106. that hardly anyone else
    is doing that.
  107. I am not going to let them go to hell
  108. except over my cries that they wake up
  109. and see their destruction.
  110. But,
  111. when I pastor,
  112. sometimes people come to church
  113. if I'm preaching and they go,
  114. are you the same guy on YouTube?
  115. Because all you do is talk about love,
    love, love, love? Why?
  116. Here's the reason.
  117. If the person truly becomes converted,
  118. I don't have to do anything.
  119. They're sheep.
  120. They're going to follow Him.
  121. As a shepherd, you know
  122. what my greatest worry is,
  123. for the people who
    are truly converted?
  124. I don't want them coming
    under false condemnation.
  125. And I don't want them doubting
    the love of God.
  126. You see, the whole deal
  127. depends on conversion.
  128. Do you see that?
  129. You get them converted,
  130. and you talk to them about
  131. the unconditional love of God,
  132. and you know what they'll do?
  133. I'll tell you what they won't do,
    they won't stand there and go
  134. well, if it's like this,
  135. let's just sin.
  136. No, you tell a true sheep
  137. about the unconditional love of God
  138. and that it doesn't matter what they do
  139. or how far they fail,
  140. Christ loves them and
    is going to restore them
  141. and work in them,
  142. and a bruised reed
    He will not break
  143. and a smoldering wick He will
    not put out.
  144. You tell them that,
  145. they say, well, if it be like that
  146. then I want to love Him more.
    I want to serve Him more.
  147. I want to follow Him.
  148. If I'm really free,
  149. you see?
  150. So, all you have to do
  151. is get converted, and I'll be nice to you.
  152. But here's another thing,
  153. if I'm preaching on the streets
  154. in a place where everybody's
  155. just wild and wicked as
    Sodom and Gomorrah,
  156. on this present day planet,
  157. I stand up and I preach the love of God.
  158. The time for preaching hard
  159. is when people have become deceived
  160. by religion.
  161. And when they think
    they're something they're not.
  162. And when most of the religious authorities
  163. in the world are affirming them
  164. in their false conversion.
  165. And for self-preservation,
  166. those preachers are saying
    "peace, peace,"
  167. when there is no peace.
  168. And people, they are building
  169. their huge churches on the bones
  170. of carnal, dead church members.