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Showing Revision 1 created 06/29/2012 by Amara Bot.

  1. It looks like Crazy definitely has the most power here. Crazy publishes the final votes.
  2. Crazy could decide not to include votes that aren't for the rate selection.
  3. Crazy could tamper with the votes.
  4. The one validation we have is the voters can check that their vote is in that list.
  5. So Crazy can't add extra votes if the number of votes in the beginning is known.
  6. Crazy could replace some votes and change those votes.
  7. And there's no way with this scheme yet for a voter to prove that Crazy cheated.
  8. If the voter can prove that Crazy cheated, well then maybe it's not such an advantage to be Crazy.
  9. So is there a way for the voter to prove that their vote was not included?