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  1. We see that there are both internal
    and external causes for motivations.
  2. The internal factors may be things such as
    being hungry, thirsty, or even in pain.
  3. On the other hand the external factors
    can include things such as,
  4. the sight of food, or the sight
    of a pretty person,
  5. or a stimulus that indicates danger.
  6. We see that motivation is
    the urge to move to one's goals.
  7. This involves needs,
    drives, and incentives.
  8. So, let's define these.
    For first, let's start with needs.
  9. Needs are states of cellular
    or bodily deficiency
  10. that compel or drive our body
    to seek out what it needs.
  11. For example, we need food.
    We need liquid or water.
  12. And we need oxygen.
  13. So, in addition to needs,
    we also have drives.
  14. Drives are perceived states of tension
  15. that occur when our bodies
    are deficient in some need.
  16. And this intern creates the urge
    to relieve the tension.
  17. So, the deficiency creates the drive,
  18. and our physiological
    needs have the drive component.
  19. Drives intern lead us to do something
    to satisfy the need, and the drive,
  20. and they lead to motivated behaviors.
  21. We also have what called incentives.
  22. An incentive is an external object,
    or event that motivates our behavior.
  23. You may have a motivation to do well
    at work to earn a monetary bonus,
  24. and the monetary bonus, is the incentive
    that you're working towards.