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  1. Unplugged Activity | Internet
  2. (Amy Hirotaka -
    This activity explains,
  3. in a easy-to-understand way, how the internet works.
  4. We explain all the terminology you'll need in simple terms,
  5. so that students can simulate transmitting messages, like an email.
  6. Students will transmit messages while pretending to be
  7. one of three transmission methods:
  8. wireless internet (WIFI), DSL or fiber-optic.
  9. The students who represent WIFI,
  10. will have to wear the message they're transmitting on their head,
  11. because WIFI is the most likely to drop some information.
  12. The students pretending to be DSL or cable
  13. will carry the message on the back to their hand
  14. where they're slightly less likely to drop information.
  15. And the students representing fiber-optic
  16. will get to carry them with both hands.
  17. This activity is a great way to understand
  18. something that many of us use every day.