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  2. Today we're going to learn about
    the American President, Abraham Lincoln.
  3. Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth
    president of the United States,
  4. was born February 12,
    1809, in Kentucky.
  5. His father was a farmer
    and his family was very poor,

  6. living in a small,
    one-room log cabin.
  7. While Lincoln was still very young,
    his family moved to Indiana,
  8. and then again
    to Illinois.
  9. He only went to school for one year,
    but he loved books and learning,
  10. and taught himself
    as much as he could.
  11. When he was 22 years old, Abraham Lincoln
    left home to work at a general store.
  12. It was there that he got
    his nickname, "Honest Abe."
  13. Once a customer accidentally
    over paid by a few pennies,
  14. and that night
    when the store closed,
  15. Abraham Lincoln walked for miles
    to take the money back.
  16. In 1832 Lincoln
    ran in an election
  17. to become a member of the Illinois
    State Legislature, but he lost.
  18. After that he served
    as a Captain in the Army,
  19. and then he started working
    as a lawyer, and got married.
  20. In 1846 he was elected to
    the US House of Representatives.
  21. In 1860,
    he ran for President.
  22. It was a difficult time
    in the United States.
  23. The North and the South
    disagreed on a lot of things,
  24. and it was getting
  25. One thing they disagreed
    on was slavery.
  26. The Northern states
    did not want any more slavery.
  27. The Southern states
    wanted to keep their slaves.
  28. Abraham Lincoln
    did not like slavery, either.
  29. He was elected President because
    he had the support of the Northern states.
  30. He had almost no support
    from the Southern states.
  31. As soon as
    he became President,
  32. southern states began
    seceding from the Union.
  33. That means they decided they didn't want
    to be a part of the United States anymore.
  34. President Lincoln was determined
    to keep the country together,
  35. and in 1861
    a war started.
  36. It was the Civil War, a terrible,
    bloody war that lasted four years.
  37. On January 1, 1863, Abraham Lincoln
    signed the Emancipation Proclamation,
  38. an order that freed all the slaves
    in the southern states.
  39. A few years later, he helped to pass
    the 13th amendment to the Constitution,
  40. which made slavery illegal
    everywhere in the United States.
  41. The Civil War finally
    ended on April 9, 1865.
  42. President Lincoln wanted
    to put the country back together,
  43. and help
    the South rebuild.
  44. Unfortunately, he did not
    live to see that happen.
  45. Less than a week after
    the end of the Civil War,
  46. Lincoln and his wife were watching a play
    at the Ford Theater in Washington DC
  47. when he was shot in the head
    by a man named John Wilkes Booth.
  48. Abraham Lincoln died
    the next morning, on April 15, 1865.
  49. He was the first American
    President to be assassinated.
  50. Abraham Lincoln
    once said,
  51. "I want it said of me
    by those who knew me best that
  52. I always plucked a thistle
    and planted a flower
  53. where I thought
    a flower would grow."
  54. He is widely considered to be
    one of the greatest presidents
  55. in American
  56. His leadership
    during the Civil War
  57. and his defense of human
    liberty make him an American hero.
  58. His face is on pennies
    and five-dollar bills,

  59. he was included
    in Mount Rushmore,
  60. and a memorial for him
    stands in Washington, DC.
  61. I hope you enjoyed learning about
    Abraham Lincoln. Goodbye till next time!