Banking Reform by Positive Money (Conference 2013)

Banking Reform by Positive Money (Conference 2013)
Why our monetary system is broken and how it can be fixed?
"The financial crisis occurred because we failed to constrain the private financial system's creation of private credit and money." Adair Turner, Chairman of the Financial Services Authority

Positive Money Founder, Ben Dyson, presenting at the 3rd annual Positive Money Conference "Modernising Money" on 26th January 2013 in London. He explains the main principles behind the monetary reform proposals which offer one of the few hopes of escaping from our current dysfunctional monetary system.

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More about the 'Modernising Money' conference 2013 here:

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Positive Money is a not-for-profit research and campaign group. They work to raise awareness of the connections between our current monetary and banking system and the serious social, economic and ecological problems that face the UK and the world today. In particular they focus on the role of banks in creating the nation's money supply through the accounting process they use when they make loans - an aspect of banking which is poorly understood. Positive Money believe these fundamental flaws are at the root of - or a major contributor to - problems of poverty, excessive debt, growing inequality and environmental degradation. For more information, please visit:

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