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  1. Reka Artner: So welcome to Vienna.
    Is it your first time here?
  2. Joshua Beckford: Yes, it's my first time.
  3. RA: Are you excited
    about this conference?
  4. JB: Yeah, it's my biggest event so far.
  5. RA: Biggest event. (Chuckles)
  6. (Applause)
  7. Now, Joshua,
  8. as Vlad already mentioned,
    you have a very bright mind,
  9. and you love to study,
    you love to get new information.
  10. Why is that?
  11. JB: Well, because studying is my passion
  12. because studying is fun,
  13. and it helps you to learn,
  14. and it helps you
    to experience your journey,
  15. your journey along your life,
  16. and, you know, it's fun,
    and you learn new stuff.
  17. RA: We all agree it's fun.
  18. That means that you love to go to school.
  19. You enjoy going to school, right?
    JB: Mm-hmm.
  20. RA: Wow, most kids
    don't like it that much,
  21. but you do love it.
  22. What are your favorite subjects?
  23. JB: My favorite subject is science.
  24. RA: Science, science, and why science?
  25. JB: Well, because science
    can practically do anything,
  26. as in, like, you know ...
  27. RA: Like, for example,
    what we heard before,
  28. of going into space?
  29. JB: Like space, yeah.
  30. RA: Cool, very nice!
  31. So, actually, now you're going to school,
    but you're only 11 years old,
  32. and you've already been studying
    at the University of Oxford.
  33. For most of us, a dream come true,
    and you've already done that.
  34. How was it?
  35. JB: It was great, it was pretty hard,
    but I got through it.
  36. (Laughter)
  37. RA: What kind of subject did you study?
  38. JB: Philosophy.
  39. RA: Philosophy, okay.
  40. And what did you have to do
    in that class and that subject?
  41. JB: I had to do five tests,
  42. and they had lots of questions in them
  43. about your own opinion
    of what you think about philosophy.
  44. RA: Mm-hmm.
  45. And how did you do on the test?
  46. JB: In every one of the tests,
    I got five distinctions.
  47. RA: Crazy, I think
    that's a big round of applause.
  48. Awesome!
  49. (Applause)
  50. So you love to study,
    you love to get to learn new things,
  51. and you also really like
    to learn languages.
  52. How many languages do you speak, Joshua?
  53. JB: Oh, I speak Japanese.
    RA: Japanese.
  54. JB: A bit of Chinese.
    RA: Chinese.
  55. JB: A little bit of German.
    RA: A little bit of German.
  56. JB: And some French.
  57. RA: Wow!
  58. Yeah, that's all of them.
    RA: And let's not forget English.
  59. JB: English, yeah, of course.
  60. RA: Do you want to count
    till 10 in Japanese?
  61. Because I've never heard
    somebody count in Japanese.
  62. JB: OK.
  63. Ichi, ni, san, yon, go,
  64. roku, nana, hachi, ku, juu.
  65. RA: Wow. Cool! (Laughs)
  66. (Applause)
  67. That's so cool!
  68. That is very cool!
  69. And I heard that you gather information
    from the Internet a lot,
  70. but you also love to read books.
  71. And how many books have you read so far?
  72. JB: I'm not sure,
    but it's probably quite a lot.
  73. RA: (Laughs) Quite a lot.
  74. [So] many that you said
    you want to write your own book.
  75. Is that correct?
  76. You're about to write your own book?
  77. JB: Yeah, well, I'm progressing on it.
  78. I'm writing a book on ancient Egypt.
  79. RA: On ancient Egypt, okay.
    And where do you get the information from?
  80. JB: I get the information from Google
  81. and lots of books that I read
    about the history of Egypt.
  82. RA: Mm-hmm. Cool.
    Have you been there?
  83. JB: Yes, I've -
    RA: You've been to Egypt?
  84. JB: I went to Egypt
    when I was 10 years old.
  85. RA: Oh, wow! So you actually did
    some research on the ground?
  86. JB: Mm-hmm.
    RA: (Laughs) Perfect, very cool.
  87. Now, next to all that studying
    and all that learning,
  88. you also try to keep fit,
    and you love to do sports.
  89. What kind of sports do you do?
  90. JB: Well, I'm good at football,
    basketball, cricket,
  91. rugby, tennis,
  92. badminton, swimming ...
  93. (Laughter)
  94. yoga ...
  95. (Laughter)
  96. tai chi ...
  97. RA: Awesome!
  98. JB: Golf.
    RA: Golf!
  99. (Laughter) (Applause)
  100. Are you not too small
    for rugby and football, by the way?
  101. JB: No, I'm not too small.
  102. (Laughter)
  103. I can tackle a lot of people.
  104. (Laughter)
  105. RA: Also the grown-ups, the adults?
  106. JB: Yeah, I tackle them in football.
  107. RA: (Laughs) Okay, cool.
  108. Joshua, do you have a preference,
  109. that you say you'd rather talk
    to grown-ups and adults,
  110. or kids?
  111. Do you have a preference there?
  112. JB: Well, I like to talk to adults a lot,
  113. and I like to talk to children as well.
  114. But, you know, adults ...
  115. RA: Why do you like talking to adults?
    What makes them so fascinating?
  116. JB: Because adults mostly
    have a lot of information
  117. that I can learn from,
  118. and, you know, it's fun
    to get information from them.
  119. Like I said earlier,
  120. that will add on
    a little experience as well.
  121. RA: Beautiful. Well,
    there are a lot of adults here today.
  122. So in the break,
    you can totally talk to them.
  123. I think they will love to talk to you.
  124. And now, Joshua, when you grow up,
    what do you want to become?
  125. What do you want to be?
  126. JB: I want to be
    a neurosurgeon when I grow up.
  127. RA: And why is that?
  128. JB: Well, because since I was four ...
  129. I decided to be a neurosurgeon
    when I was four
  130. because on my dad's laptop,
  131. I have a surgery simulator,
  132. and I have to pull out organs
  133. and put them back in.
  134. It's really gross.
  135. (Laughter)
  136. If you're not into that stuff,
  137. don't try it.
  138. RA: (Laughs) Don't try it!
  139. Host: And you're actually
    also doing that in the lab.
  140. You're already learning
    how to use the scalpel
  141. and doing that on animal organs, right?
  142. And how is that experience?
    Is that not gross?
  143. JB: Well, not to me, at least.
    RA: Not to you? (Laughs)
  144. Cool.
  145. And, so you are really fascinated about,
    as you said before,
  146. you want to grow up
    and become a neurosurgeon,
  147. and you told me that you want to do that
    in order to help people.
  148. Is that correct?
    JB: Yeah!
  149. RA: What other things
    are you passionate about
  150. and advocating for?
  151. JB: Well, I want to save the Earth.
  152. RA: You want to say the Earth? Really?
    And how do you want to do that?
  153. JB: Well, sending out tips to everyone,
  154. and, you know, trying to change the world
  155. and change people into doing
    the right things for Earth.
  156. (Applause)
  157. RA: That is very impressive.
  158. And we actually have
    a live audience right here,
  159. plus all the people
    looking at the livestream.
  160. Do you want to give us some tips
    on what we can do?
  161. JB: Well, you could turn
    your devices off in the nighttime
  162. when you're not using them.
  163. You could also pick up
    rubbish from the floor
  164. and also not throw rubbish on the floor.
  165. RA: It makes sense,
    in the first place, yes, absolutely.
  166. Is there something else that we can do?
  167. JB: When you cut down trees to get wood,
  168. plant them back more often.
  169. RA: Mm-hmm.
  170. JB: And you also
    shouldn't start forest fires.
  171. RA: (Laughs) Did you hear that,
    guys? No forest fires.
  172. Okay. So you're advocating
    for saving Mother Earth,
  173. and there's also another cause
    that you're advocating for.
  174. You told me that you're also involved
  175. in advocating for a new understanding
    of autism, is that correct?
  176. JB: Mm-hmm.
  177. RA: And you're involved
    in other charities doing that.
  178. Do you want to tell us a bit about that?
  179. JB: Well, I am an ambassador for charities
  180. on children in Africa and children in need
  181. and children that need the money too.
  182. So when people come to events
  183. to hear me making a presentation,
  184. they pay money,
  185. and since I'm an ambassador,
    that money goes to charity
  186. to help all the kids and adults
  187. to buy more stuff
    and to buy food and clothes
  188. and all the stuff that they need.
  189. RA: That's very honorable,
    that's very nice.
  190. Is there something that you want
    the audience to know of autism?
  191. JB: Well, if you don't know
    what autism is,
  192. autism is a kind of way
    of thinking differently.
  193. It's like your brain thinks another way.
  194. And there's a high side
    and there's a low side.
  195. The high side is where, like ...
  196. you're born with lots
    of gifts and good stuff
  197. that people dream of.
  198. There is, unfortunately, a low side,
  199. and it's more common to be
    on the low side of autism,
  200. unfortunately.
  201. And the low side is
    where sometimes you can't speak
  202. and you have trouble speaking,
    maybe learning difficulties.
  203. It's really sad.
  204. RA: But I think
    you don't have troubles at all.
  205. Seriously, you're sitting
    in front of this big audience.
  206. A lot of, I think, grown-ups
  207. would be very scared to do that
    and would be super nervous,
  208. and you're doing a great job.
  209. Isn't he?
  210. (Applause)
  211. Now, Joshua, since you mentioned
  212. that you are advocating
    for saving Mother Earth,
  213. would you like to share your poem here?
  214. He actually wrote a little poem about it.
  215. So I will go off stage,
    and the stage is all yours.
  216. And you can share that with us.
    Yeah? Awesome.
  217. I'll see you backstage.
  218. JB: So my poem is about Mother Earth.
  219. I hope you guys like it.
  220. Mother Earth, Mother Earth,
  221. she's getting hurt.
  222. Why do people keep spitting on the ground?
  223. Why do people keep throwing
    litter all around?
  224. I don't like it, not even a bit.
  225. And you probably don't like it.
  226. Each day, she's getting more alert,
  227. while we are only getting hurt.
  228. Why do people keep doing
    the wrong things in life
  229. which will cause them lots of strife?
  230. I care about our Mother Earth.
  231. I don't want to see her hurt.
  232. If people continue to do the wrong things,
  233. we will reap the punishment
    that nature brings.
  234. The Earth is the only home we know.
  235. If we destroy it, we will have
    nowhere else to go.
  236. Mother Earth is alive.
  237. We should do everything
    to make her thrive.
  238. If we cause her lots of pain,
  239. we have nothing much to gain.
  240. When Mother Earth makes a tsunami,
  241. she's weeping oceans of tears,
  242. the waves of which
    will just increase our fears.
  243. When we mine what's in the Earth,
  244. she shakes us with big earthquakes
  245. to tell us of our big mistakes.
  246. When we cut down the trees,
    Mother Earth gets naked,
  247. and soon we'll have
    nothing left that's sacred.
  248. If we poison the air
    with fumes from cars and planes,
  249. the forest will go up in lots of flames.
  250. Soon, we will have no atmosphere,
  251. and, one day, we might just
    no longer be here.
  252. Maybe the cure for all disease
    is not to do just as we please.
  253. Just being nice to one another
  254. might just be the key
    to getting on with each other.
  255. Please help take care of Mother Earth
  256. as she will take good care of you.
  257. The planet belongs to me and you.
  258. We abuse our bodies day and night
    with much fault to how's our plight.
  259. I wish that we would all take stock
  260. before nature takes us back.
  261. If we fail to take care
    of that marvelous machine,
  262. Mother Nature will charge us
    with a mortal sin.
  263. I hope that you will listen to my plea
  264. as nature will be watching you and me.
  265. If we don't save our planet,
  266. nothing else that we do is important.
  267. Thank you for listening.
  268. (Applause)