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  1. Now that you've got your
    analytics account ID,
  2. the next step is to use
    it in a mobile app.
  3. For this lesson we'll use an app that
    helps you decide what's for dinner.
  4. In my family, we often have a hard
    time deciding what to eat for dinner.
  5. And sometimes it's nice
    to just let fate decide.
  6. That's where this handy
    dandy app comes in.
  7. The app's very simple.
  8. You select your food preference,
    and the app picks a dinner for you.
  9. The app has activities for
    the user to view the recipe, or
  10. order a meal online, or
    try for another suggestion.
  11. Users can even hit a button
    to say they don't like it.
  12. For example, I don't like
    anything that has beets in it.
  13. Just a personal thing.
  14. As you work through the Analytics and
    Tag Manager lessons,
  15. you'll add code to use those services.
  16. The functionality of the sample app is
    deliberately limited, so that you can
  17. focus on the parts of the code that
    use Google Analytics and Tag Manager.