Amazing miracle - Healed from EDS and out of wheelchair!

Amazing miracle - Healed from EDS and out of wheelchair!

Julie's father David wrote this:

Julie was a healthy girl until she was about 13 then she started dislocating her joints and her illness continued to progress.

By the time she was 14 she was mostly bed ridden and some days she would even have difficulty sitting up in bed. We took her to many different specialists, the doctors diagnosed her with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) this would cause her joints to dislocate, at times just shifting in bed could cause a rib to dislocate, wrist or elbow dislocations were frequent and painful.

She was also diagnosed with Dysautonomia (a disfunction of the autonomic nervous system that controls and regulates body functions, ie heart rate, body temp...) this would cause frequent brain fog and vertigo. She was also being treated for high intracranial pressure.

The condition would cause severe vertigo and also mess with her heart and body temperature making it very difficult to be comfortable.
She had been to orthopedic specialists, and neurologists, she was told there was nothing they could do for her and that over time her condition would only continue to get worse.

We brought her to your kick start in Dallas in 2016. After arriving she was unable to attend the meeting so we had someone come to the room and pray for her.
Before the weekend was over she was unable to continue taking her medicine. Every time we gave it to her her body would reject the medicine and she threw it up. She just continued getting better and now her healing is a wonderful testimony to God’s greatness and his goodness.

Julie suffered for a little over 2 years but God was faithful and he is amazing.

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