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← Seek God and Go From Fear to Faith (Psalm 34:1-4) - John Greene

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  1. Pastor John Greene
  2. from Mount Pleasant, Texas
  3. will encourage us toward prayer.
  4. Good morning.
  5. It's great to be here.
  6. It's great to meet new brethren,
  7. new friends,
  8. people we will live
    forever with in eternity.
  9. This is our family.
  10. It's great to meet
    new family all the time.
  11. I want to, just very quickly,
  12. remind you of an experience
  13. of a man who was anointed king
  14. and yet he had not yet taken the throne.
  15. The sweet psalmist of Israel -
  16. a man after God's own heart;
  17. a man with like passions
  18. just like you and me.
  19. You know, for a time, he was pursued
  20. by King Saul,
  21. and he fled in fear.
  22. The particular instance I'm referring to
  23. is when he fled to Achish, King of Gath,
  24. to the land of the
    Philistines out of fear.
  25. He fled in fear.
  26. And then, here is penned in Psalm 34 -
  27. here's the words of this man who fled
  28. to a pagan king out of fear.
  29. He says, "I will bless
    the Lord at all times.
  30. His praise shall continually
    be in my mouth.
  31. My soul shall make its boast in the Lord.
  32. The humble shall hear thereof and be glad.
  33. Oh magnify the Lord with me,
  34. and let us exalt His name together."
  35. Now isn't that puzzling?
  36. How did he get from full of fear to there?
  37. I'll bless the Lord at all times.
  38. Magnify the Lord with me.
  39. Let us exalt His name together.
  40. How in the world do you
    get from there to there?
  41. Well, here's the key:
  42. Verse 4 of Psalm 34,
  43. "I sought the Lord and He heard me,
  44. and delivered me from all my fears."
  45. How often, beloved, do
    we not seek the Lord?
  46. The Lord is saying, "Seek Me."
  47. "Seek Me. I will hear you."
  48. He said, "I sought the
    Lord and He heard me."
  49. This was the God of Heaven who's saying,
  50. "I'll hear you."
  51. "I will hear you."
  52. So that's my admonition this morning.
  53. The Lord delivered David
    from all his fears
  54. because he sought the Lord.
  55. The Lord delivered David from these fears
  56. because the Lord
    delivered His Son to death
  57. for a man of like passions - David.
  58. Someone just like you and I.
  59. I love the Psalms.
  60. We see the highest highs
  61. that a person seeking
    the Lord can attain to.
  62. We see the lowest lows too
  63. and everything in between.
  64. This is our brother David -
  65. a man of like, precious faith;
  66. a man of like passions.
  67. He sought the Lord,
    and the Lord heard him.
  68. We're going to seek the Lord today,
  69. and as our brother last night
  70. so aptly and eloquently encouraged us,
  71. we have a loving Heavenly Father.
  72. We have a Father who bids us to come.
  73. Seek Him in prayer.
  74. He will hear you.
  75. He loves us.
  76. Don't be anxious about anything, but what?
  77. In everything, by prayer and supplication
  78. with thanksgiving,
  79. let your requests be made known unto God.
  80. And the God of peace -
  81. He will give you peace
    beyond all understanding.
  82. In everything, give thanks, we're told.
  83. For this is the will of God
    concerning you in Christ Jesus.
  84. Blessed be the name of the Lord,
  85. from this time forth and forevermore.
  86. What? From the rising of the sun
  87. until the going down of the same,
  88. the Lord's name is to be praised.
  89. So, again, I just want to focus
    your attention real quickly.
  90. How did David get from there -
  91. full of fear, running for his life -
  92. do you remember what he did?
  93. He acted like a madman.
  94. He's drooling and acting
    like a madman out of fear;
  95. completely acting out of character.
  96. And we don't know the exact circumstance,
  97. but at some point, He began to seek
  98. the Lord in prayer.
  99. And the Lord heard him,
  100. and then flowing out of his heart,
  101. he says I will bless the Lord
  102. at all times - even at this time.
  103. His praise shall continually
    be in my mouth.
  104. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord.
  105. The humble - people like you -
  106. shall hear that and they will be glad.
  107. So, brethren, magnify the Lord with me.
  108. Let us exalt His name together.
  109. Let's seek the Lord and He will hear us
  110. and deliver us from every fear we have.
  111. Would you pray with me?
  112. Almighty God - our Heavenly Father,
  113. we come before You boldly
  114. because of the merits, the life,
  115. the Person, and the work
  116. of our dear Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
  117. We approach You with confidence
  118. by a new and living way.
  119. That veil has been rent in two
  120. through the body of His flesh.
  121. We have a Great High Priest
  122. over the house of God -
  123. Jesus Christ the Righteous;
  124. an Advocate with the Father.
  125. Oh Lord, we come to You through Him.
  126. We pray that You would hear us
  127. because of Your Son.
  128. You are the high and lofty One
    who inhabits eternity.
  129. Your name is holy,
  130. but You are pleased to dwell with those
  131. of a broken and contrite spirit;
  132. even those who tremble at Your law.
  133. So, Lord, we come that way.
  134. We come boldly to Your throne of grace
  135. knowing we can receive mercy and grace
  136. to help us in time of need.
  137. So would You be pleased today
  138. to magnify Your name?
  139. Exalt Your name, Your Son,
  140. that He may be lifted up in our hearts
  141. in these meetings,
  142. in our conversations.
  143. Oh, Lord, let us consider one another,
  144. how we can provoke one another
  145. to love You more,
  146. and to love one another more,
  147. and to do good works.
  148. Lord, we desire that all would come
  149. to the knowledge of the Savior.
  150. And we desire that we would
    love You more today.
  151. Thank You, dear Lord,
    for hearing our prayers.
  152. We ask in Christ's name,
  153. Amen.