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  1. Here are a few examples where
    ads are used fairly effectively.
  2. You could see here a banner ad.
  3. Banner ad are images based
    advertisements that often appear
  4. in the side, top, or
    bottom section of a website.
  5. They use PCC, paper click model,
  6. In which advertisers pay a fee each
    time a user clicks on this ad.
  7. You can see here on the verge,
  8. that Spotify is actually taking quite
    a lot of real estate over the top.
  9. If we scroll down,
    we can see another ad over here.
  10. And in most cases,
    if we continue scrolling,
  11. down to the bottom we can see
    another ad just over here.
  12. Another example would be the Huffington
    Post, and you can see here another ad.
  13. And another example in Yahoo Finance
    would be actually two ads one for
  14. their mobile app and the other very
    prominently on the right side.