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  1. So let's say we have a slightly more complicated grammar.
  2. T is our start symbol; it goes to (p Q r)
  3. or (p Q s), so there are two strings in this grammar.
  4. It will 100 percent increase, over the previous grammar--
  5. (p Q r) and (p Q s) are both there--
  6. and the input is: (P q r)--wow, that's really lucky!
  7. That's one of the strings in the grammar.
  8. It's almost as if we planned these things in advance.
  9. So now we'll give you a chance to try this out.
  10. I have written down, here,
  11. five possible facts about the parsing chart
  12. for this grammar, on this 3-token input.
  13. Chart[1] has this, chart[1] has that.
  14. This is an element of chart[1], this is an element of chart[2].
  15. And what I'd like you to do in this multiple multiple choice quiz
  16. is check all of the boxes that are correct.
  17. So if we do see: big (Q) goes to little (q) dot,
  18. from 1 in chart[2], check this box.
  19. Check all the boxes that apply.