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  1. Our first shot at multiplying each of the terms in the first expression by every
  2. term in the second set of parenthesis, gives us this long disgusting expression.
  3. But wait, maybe it's not really that gross, let's take a closer look. When we
  4. notice which terms we have that are like terms, we see a minus y squared z and a
  5. plus y squared z. So these directly cancel each other out. We do the same thing
  6. with the other 2 middle terms positive yz squared and negative yz squared. All
  7. that we're left with in the end is a really simple expression, then. This long
  8. factorized form is actually just equal to the sum of 2 cubes. Y cubed plus z
  9. cubed. This is really incredible. Math is just so gorgeous.