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  1. So two of the things that I hope you noticed
  2. here is that the mRNA copy is actually shorter in length
  3. than the DNA gene, and it seems to be missing
  4. some specific colored pieces from the DNA gene itself. Here's a
  5. word cloud summarizing responses from you and your fellow classmates.
  6. What I want you to do is take a look at
  7. some of the biggest words here and see if you can
  8. figure out what some of your classmates might have noticed about
  9. this question as well. See if you see
  10. your response anywhere. Of course, if you don't see
  11. your specific answer, it just means you've got a
  12. pretty unique response. If you think you see any
  13. other interesting responses here you could always go
  14. check it out on the forum, and see if
  15. you can flush out any other details that you
  16. might have missed that other people picked up on.