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  1. >> All right. So, I'm going to highlight this
  2. logical test. And delete it. Is that okay?
  3. >> Yup. And, insert the field.
  4. >> Okay. So in this case, I'm checking if ticket type, which is way down
  5. here, is equal to VIP.
  6. >> In quotes.
  7. >> In quotes. And the quotes are for?
  8. >> because it's a string.
  9. >> String. So just some text.
  10. So if the ticket type is VIP, and the total spent
  11. is 100 times the number of tickets sold, which is a field.
  12. >> Exactly. And then the value, false, let's say, you know, is $50 for, so
  13. it'd be the exact same thing, but it would be 50 times the tickets purchased.
  14. >> Okay.
  15. >> And you don't have to go through inserting the field that
  16. way, you can just type it out, or copy and paste it.
  17. >> Can I like, hit enter
  18. here, and make it a little neater? I don't know,
  19. it's hard for me to keep this all in line.
  20. >> Sure.
  21. >> Okay, so this should work, let's
  22. check syntax. Uh-oh. Field type, field ticket
  23. type C is a picklist field. Picklist
  24. fields are only supported in certain functions.