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  1. So now, we're ready to finish the heart of our crawler. Let
  2. me put the last statement in, so you know there's nothing else missing
  3. and you'll be able to test this. And the last thing we
  4. want to do is return the result in crawled. When we finished the
  5. while loop, we're ready to return crawled, which is the list of
  6. pages we found. What we have left to do is to figure out
  7. what we do to crawl each page. This is going to be a
  8. pretty tough quiz, I think you'll need at least two lines of code.
  9. If you think about using all the procedures that you've
  10. learned about and the ones that you've defined in earlier quizzes,
  11. you shouldn't need more than two lines. And the two
  12. things that you need to do are update the value of
  13. to crawl to reflect all the new links that are
  14. found on page And update the value of crawled, to keep
  15. track of the pages that have been crawled. See if
  16. you can figure out how to finish the crawl web procedure.