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  1. My name's Ingrid Avenda単o and I'm an intern at Jawbone. I'm, I've been going to
  2. school for art for three years and then I switched over to electrical
  3. engineering. The reason I started that was it started off as a bet with another
  4. friend and then the notion started off that I couldn't learn how to program.
  5. And I kind of feel a little bit spiteful, and be like no I can do this, I, I
  6. can prove them wrong. I, I signed up for, or into the computer science course
  7. and that whole semester like it was really, really like terrifying to get into.
  8. Because I had no idea what I was doing, but by the time finals rolled around
  9. and I'm just. The whole semester had passed where I'm like, I can't do this, I
  10. don't think I can do this and I got my final grade. And then I was like, wow, I
  11. actually enjoyed this. Which was kind of something I wasn't expecting, but
  12. after that I kind of decided, you know what, this is something that I haven't
  13. enjoyed in years. Just having challenging problems that, like I'm excited to
  14. sit there and program for hours. I'm like I'm going to solve this, I'm going to
  15. do it and so I decided I had to do something different and I decided well I'm
  16. going to try to do electrical engineering. Its a little bit more hands on with
  17. hardware. But I still got that programming element. So that's what leads me to
  18. do an internship at Jawbone and I've been doing three years of electrical
  19. engineering at the University of Pittsburgh.