Inpatient/Residential Treatment, What is it? Eating disorder video #49

Inpatient/Residential Treatment, What is it? Eating disorder video #49
This week's video is just something that I would like to share with all of you. I realize that many of you have concerns when it comes to inpatient or residential treatment; what will it be like? What do they ask me when I call? What is it like when I get there? As well as many other questions about it and what we can expect when we finally decide we need to go.
When you first call an eating disorder treatment center they will want to set up a time to do an intake. An intake is just our way of gathering all of the information we will need from you about your medical history, ED history, family history and anything else we may need to not only make sure our center is a good fit for you, but also to make sure we can get your insurance to cover your treatment. So the more honest you are the better.
Once we have completed the intake, they will let us know if they can get insurance to cover and if they have any availability. They may have a bed open now, or we may have to wait a week or two. It really depends on whether or not they have a wait list.
Then we pack for treatment. We want to make sure that we bring tennis shoes, comfy clothes, a journal, all of our toiletries and anything else we may need. What we need to leave at home is anything that can be triggering to us or anyone else and anything that we can self-harm with. I know that your ED is yelling at you and angry because you are going to treatment but just know that we are all there to support you and your health. We want you to get better and be able to live a life free from your ED and it's urges, and you deserve that more than you know. So make that decision, get the help you need, and know that I am here rooting for you and wishing you all the best as you start your own journey towards a Healthy Mind and Healthy Body! xoxo


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