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  1. Now that we have a better idea
    of what makes up Sunshine,
  2. let's talk about the ideal state
    where a production-quality
  3. Android app should be.
  4. While it's easy to immediately dive into
    the minutiae, let's take a step back and
  5. look at the big picture.
  6. What are the goals of
    an amazing Android app?
  7. It actually starts with create
    a vision for all of Android.
  8. Create a vision for Android.
  9. And all Android apps
    have three main pillars.
  10. Enchant Me, Simplify My Life,
    and Make Me Amazing.
  11. Enchant Me revolves around the idea
    that your app should both look and
  12. act effortlessly,
    through well-placed animations and
  13. a feeling that the app was designed
    specifically for the user.
  14. Simplify My Life involves making
    the app easy to understand.
  15. Whether it's for a new user just trying
    to figure out what exactly your app
  16. does, or a returning user,
  17. where you're trying to make the
    experience as frictionless as possible.
  18. Make Me Amazing is about leveraging the
    strengths of Android to build apps that
  19. contribute to building a whole
    greater than the sum of its parts.
  20. Integrating into one another, and
    extending beyond a single entry point
  21. app, you need to remember to
    launch to get any benefit.
  22. Many of these concepts
    shouldn't be foreign to you.
  23. Making a great experience for
  24. users should always be in
    the forefront of your thoughts.
  25. Let's take a look at Sunshine to see
    exactly where we are with each of these.